When you reinstall Windows, or after improper shutdown of the system unit from the power supply drivers can fall off.The sound card is not defined in the "Device Manager" this device is marked with question and exclamation marks yellow and labeled as "Unknown Device."There are several ways to find out the type of sound card, and find her a free driver.

http://devid.info/ru/ Go to the site and click "Run."The system will prompt you to download the utility DevIDagent.exe to determine the configuration of the computer and search for drivers for your components.Specify a folder on your hard drive where the file will be saved.

Once downloaded, the utility will start testing independently of your computer and d
isplays a list of hardware drivers that do not have or need to be updated.You can upgrade or install drivers for all hardware from a list, or just the sound card.Leave the boxes where you see fit, and then click "Install".After the installation program prompts you to restart the system.Answer "Yes".

Another useful and free program to automatically find and install the drivers - DriverPack Solution.Visit the developer's site and use the link "program to update the drivers."You will be prompted to download a lightweight (Light) or full (Full) version.Since both options are free, but the full version is much wider, download DriverPack Solution 12.3 Full.The site gives detailed instructions on how to use the program.

If your sound card is integrated into the motherboard, check the manufacturer's website and find the driver for your sound card.Determine the type of motherboard can help free program PC Wizard.Click on the "Hardware" on the left side of the screen and click on the icon "motherboard."