Open the directory location of the folder you want to rename.You can use the search function of the system files and folders.
Click the name of the desired folder, right-click once.This opens a context menu with a list of possible actions over the folder.
In the action line, select "Rename".You can also click on the folder, left-click once, highlighting it and then press the left mouse button again.Text folder name is highlighted.
Enter the new folder name and click the left mouse button on any point in the viewing area of ​​the window or press «Enter».The folder name will change to a new one.
Rename the folder and you can through the window properties.To do this, click on the folder name, right-click once on the shortcut menu, select "Pr
The top of the "General" tab is a text box with the name of the existing folder.Change the name of the folder in the new series and click "Apply" button and the «Ok».
Rename folder is also using the program Total Commander.To do this, run the program in one of the areas of transitions, open the directory location of the folder you want.
Select the folder single click of the left mouse button on its name, wait a few seconds and take another folder, click on the left mouse button.Text the name of a folder, scroll to make changes.
Program Total Commander has hot keys for quick access to certain functions.To rename a folder, scroll to it, single-click the right mouse button and press the «F2» key.The folder name is highlighted, delete it and enter a new one.