Changing folder icons

To change the folder icon, open its location on a local or external drive.Open a folder location, you can use the system or the standard Windows Search Explorer.

To use a standard search engine Windows, go to "Start" menu and in the search string "Search programs and files" enter query text with the name of the desired folder.Press the «Enter» key on the keyboard, or wait for the automatic response to the request of the operating system.After that will open a list of search results, which will show all files, folders and applications with the same name, or the entered contents.

In the list, look for the line with the name of the desired folder and click on it once with the right mouse button.T
he context menu appears with a list of the main actions of the selected folder.

In the menu click on the line "folder location" once with the left mouse button.After that starts the window with the location of the selected folder in which it will be highlighted in blue.

click on the folder, right-click once.The menu basic operations on a folder and parameter settings display it.

In the list, click the line of the "Properties" once with the left mouse button.The dialog box "Properties: NNN», where «NNN» - the name of the selected folder.This window displays the basic properties of folders and configure many of its options, such as sharing, security, previous versions, display, etc.

dialog box with the properties of the folder, click on the "Settings" tab, which contains the settings display the folder as a whole, its contents and the various components.

on activated tab, left-click once on the button "Change Icon ..." (the button is in an "Icons of folders").This will bring up a dialog box "Change Icon for the folder ..." in the display area which displays icons (icons) are available in the standard delivery package of the operating system Windows 7.

Left-click once on the icon you like the icons and press «Enter"on the keyboard or the OK button.The icon will change to the selected folder, it does not need to restart your computer.


in Windows 7 after the replacement of the standard folder icon preview of its contents in the windows of the conductor becomes impossible.

user PC to the Windows operating system can also be used for applications, folders, files, shortcuts, and icons, are not included in the standard set.In order to use their icons, download icons set format «.dll» with the license disk additions and modifications Windows operating system or from the Internet.Then in the "Change Icon for the folder ...", click "Browse ..." in the dialog box, locate and select the file with icons of files and folders.Then click the OK button and view the icons in the block icons, select the icon for the desired folder.