To be able to reset the password for the administrator you need to access the command line interface on the password entry screen during the boot process.To do this, you first need to boot without using the main system to make changes to the registry.Use the option that is available to you - the installation disc, recovery disc, a second operating system, disks or LiveCD Windows PE.
If you are booting from the installation disk or the recovery disk, after the appearance of the window select the language settings, click the "Next" button, select "System Restore."Once
again, click "Next" and click the "Command Prompt."
From the command line interface, run the "Registry Editor" - type regedit and press Enter.
Highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, expand the menu editor section "File" and then click "Load Hive".
In the dialog box, click the system drive, open the folder in which you installed the operating system, and in it - the directory System32.In this directory, locate the file System (extension it does not), select it and click "Open."The screen prompts you to conduct a name for the loaded hive - dial, for example, killAdmin and click OK.
In the Registry Editor, navigate to Setup created branch bush - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / killAdmin / Setup.Double-click the parameter CmdLine open the editing dialog in the "Value", type cmd.exe, and then click OK.In the same way, set the parameter 2 SetupType.
Highlight downloaded and edited bush killAdmin and again open the section "File" in the menu editor.This time select "Unload Hive" and click "Yes" when the application requires confirmation of the operation.
Close the registry editor, command line interface and reboot the computer.Do not forget to remove the installation disc.
Before entering the operating system will be a command line interface - type the command net user, separated by a space, type the name of the administrator and a new password for him through another space.The name should be placed in quotation marks if it, too, there is a gap.If you do not remember the names of the users of the computer, type net user without additional parameters and press Enter - the screen will display the list of users.
go on the entrance to the operating system in the usual way - select the icon administrator and enter the newly set password.