Tip 1: How to change the look of the basket

«basket» is one of the key elements of the "Desktop", it, like any other element, its own icon.If you are tired of the standard icon, you can at any time change the appearance of the "basket".There are several methods.
If you need to change the appearance of the icons on the "Desktop", including the "basket", and that with all the icons were made in the same style, change the theme "Workingtable. "To do this, right-click on any free of files and folders of the "Desktop" and click the drop-down menu, select "Properties".A new dialog window "Display Properties".It can trigger a different way: through the "Start" menu go to "Control Panel" in the category "Appearance and Themes" icon, click the "Display" or select the task "Change theme".
In the window that opens, click the "Themes".Use the drop-down list, select a new design for its "Desktop" in the "Subject".At the bottom of the window (see "Sample"), you can see what will be the new look and what kind will be with the "Basket".
If you want to install a theme, which is not in the list (for example, downloaded from the Internet), select "Browse" and select in the dialog box, the path to the desired file with the extension .Theme.Click "Apply" and close the Properties window by pressing the OK button or the X icon in the upper-right corner of the window.
To change the view only "basket", leaving the other icons the same, call the dialog box "Display Properties" in the manner described in the first step.Click the "Desktop" and click "Customize Desktop" at the bottom of the window.This opens an additional dialog box "Desktop Items".The "basket" two icons: "Shopping (full)" and "(empty)" - to change both.Simply select the icon left mouse button and click on "Change Icon."In the window that opens, select the directory that stores the icon, and then click OK.Close the "Desktop Items" OK button in the Properties window, click on the "Apply" button.Close the Properties window convenient for you.

Tip 2: How to change the icon from the basket

To display basket desktop uses two images corresponding to the basket empty, containing the deleted files and folders.Options settings of Windows provide the ability to change both the label at once, and each of them individually.
How to change the icon from the basket
Launch panel of the computer.To do this, open the main menu on the "Start" button and select it in the item "Control Panel."
If you are using Windows 7, the search query input box, type the word "personalization" and in the search results, click the link "Personalization" .In the Windows Vista link "Personalization" is on the page "Appearance and Personalization "Control Panel.
Select "Change desktop icons" in the left pane of personalization.
If you are running Windows XP, the previous steps must be replaced by a sequence of actions: - Right-click a blank area of ​​the desktop and select the context menu "Properties" - tab "Desktop "and click" Customize Desktop ".
Click icon «Shopping (full)" or "(empty)" in the list of desktop shortcuts, and then click "Change".Opens search the desired icons to replace the selected image basket .Icons can be extracted from the library files with the extension dll or executable files with the extension exe.In addition, there is a file type that is specifically designed to store images of icons.It has an extension ico and unlike exe and dll comprises only one image.
Browse your computer to replace the image you selected icons and click «OK».Repeat this step for the second basket icon , if you want to change both the labels.
There is another way to change the icons basket desktop.It consists in changing the theme - in this case will be replaced all the icons provided a new theme, including cart.Admittedly this is not possible on any operating system - for example, Windows 7 "Start" has no such option.
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