It's simple in Windows XP and earlier versions of the OS

Not all users are satisfied originally installed on the computer desktop background, and then there is a need to replace it with a more suitable.In this case it is necessary to delve into a little personal device settings.In particular, you first need to open the toolbar and go to the settings screen.

If you use Windows XP or other earlier versions of OS, in the lower left corner, click "Start", and then in the open window in the list of available options, select "Settings" next to it will open the side panel.The proposed list of options, locate and open "Control Panel."After this, you will need to go to the menu "Display", and perform the necessary settings.To change the image on the monitor you will need to select "Desktop" at the ope
ning of which your attention will be presented to the available background images.For user convenience, in this menu it is possible to preview images.Tick ​​liked the image and save the results, click "OK".It is noteworthy that as the desktop background, you can set any image stored on your computer.To do this, see "Desk", click on the left of the window that opens, click "Browse" button to locate the desired image or picture, mark it and click "Open."If necessary, in this section, you can apply to the image and other changes, such as stretch, tile or set in the center, choose a background color, which is quite handy if the picture does not fill the entire screen.

menu "Screen" available options for changing the theme, screen saver, its design and installation of other parameters of the screen.At the same time, you can immediately see how it will look like your screen during the installation of a topic.

Changing the background in Windows 7

Changing the background in Windows 7 is also not difficult.It will also need to go to "Control Panel" and select "Personalize."Opening it, the user can assign the desktop background of the available options, and the use of any photos stored on the computer.It is sufficient to note favorite picture in the proposed archive OS or click "Browse" to find the image in the "bowels" of the computer.In addition, Windows 7 can be installed in a few pictures as background.Tick ​​the photos that are going to use in "Positioning the image" to select the desired option and specify the time interval that should replace images.Changing the background image can be set at random.

... and finally

To change the background in Windows 8, you can use a special application of Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer.

in any version of the Windows operating system as a desktop background window, you can set an image from your computer in one click.To do this, locate the appropriate picture, place the cursor on it, click the right mouse button and drop-down box, select "Set as Background image of your desktop."