need to install additional fonts usually occurs with programs that use non-standard characters - such as astrology.Sometimes additional fonts need when working with graphics programs Corel or Photoshop.If the system does not have the necessary fonts, Windows usually tries to pick him most suitable replacement, but sometimes it is impossible.It remains the only way - to install the necessary fonts .
font files have the extension * .TTF.Download the necessary fonts , then open the folder Windows.Find it directory Fonts, open it and copy the downloaded fonts .The installation procedure is completed.
You can install fonts another way: Open the Control Panel: "Start" - "Control Panel", find the tab "F
onts" and open it.Click on the menu "File" - "Install New Font."Select the folder to be installed fonts, select the desired font and click OK.The font will be installed.
To view the font in Windows, it should definitely discover.Enumerating all the fonts to find the most suitable can be quite tedious.There are special utilities to greatly facilitate this work.When using them, you will see the mark once all the fonts that will allow you to quickly select the desired.
A good example of such programs is a free utility Fast Font Preview.Using it, you can immediately pick up the color of the font and background, which is very convenient when working with graphics.
Another handy utility for working with fonts is The Font Thing.It allows you to not only view them, but also to install and remove.With it you can easily find the desired font.
Unlike previous programs, Protaxis BestFonts has Russian interface, which makes it very comfortable to work with.The program is easy to use, has many useful features.