Click on the tiles "Desktop" on the home page Windows 8. By default, this bar is located on the left side of the screen from the bottom or in the middle.
Open the "Computer" from the desktop.To do this, double-tap on the icon of the computer left mouse button, or press the left and right click and select from the dropdown list select "Open."This folder is usually located at the upper left corner of the screen, but may be elsewhere on the desktop.
Open the system hard drive labeled "Local Disk (C :)».He should be the first among the displayed disks.
found among the folders inside C drive folder "Users".Open it.This folder can wear the English name Users.
Папка "Пользователи" в операционной системе Windows 8
Locate the folder "Users" in the folder list with the names of the users folder named account wit
h which you logged on.Open this folder.Here you can see files and folders that belong to this account.
Locate the folder of your account folder "My Documents" and then open.If the system is English, a folder called Documents.The essence is the same: it saves the document a specific user, not the user shared documents.
Previously, you could click on "Start" in the lower left corner of the screen and see the username at the top of the pop-up menu.Unlike previous versions of this line of operating systems, Windows 8 is no standard "Start" menu.This menu is heavily modified.If you do not know or have forgotten your account name, click on the "window."Open "Start" menu in the form of application tiles.You've already seen this menu you start Windows.Active account name is displayed on the upper right corner.