Start the registry editor using the shortcut "My Computer" on the desktop or the item "Computer" from the main menu - click the right button a context menu, which has the desired item ("Registry Editor").
Create a backup of the registry before making changes.For this is the item "Export" in the "File" menu of the editor - select it, and then enter a file name, specify the storage backup and click "Save".
If you have a file in which the text as stored information to add to the registry key HKEY_USERS or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, you must first select in the left pane of one of them, and then expand the application menu See "File"and select" Load Hive ".Use the dialog box that opens, locate and open the desired file.
If you have a reg-file information to the roster recorded in accordance with the established standard for such files, select in the same menu editor string "Import".In the dialog box, locate and open the file.Information from the reg file extension can be added to the registry, and without this app - just double-click on the file icon in Windows Explorer or on the desktop, followed by confirmation of the operation.
If the file is not present, then go to the section where you want to make changes.By right-click on the free space, open the context menu, and in it, go to "Create".Depending on what you want to add to the current registry branch, select either the string "Section" or one of the five listed there types of variables.
Enter a name to create a branch or key and press enter.If you have created a variable, click on its line, right click and select the context menu "Edit".This will open a form with a set of fields related to this type of variables - fill it in and click OK.
Close the registry editor at the end of the edit.