you need
  • computers running Windows 7/8
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • head on his shoulders
  • Ardent desire to learn new
assumed thatyou have already installed "Seven" and "Eight" on which one monolithic drive "C", which is simultaneously the repository of the operating system and your personal files (aka faylopomoyki).Who will tell and show you how to use free and, most importantly, legitimate programs to achieve a harmonious coexistence of different operating systems.
Actually, our drive
We should start to pump some pepp
y image linux.I suggest you do not bother, and my advice - download version of ubuntu 14.04 LTS.Swing offer this version for three main reasons:
1) This is the stable version, in which many bugs have either fixed or known in the near future will be corrected;
2) The prefix "LTS" means Long Term Support, ielong-term support - update this system will come out even as much as 4 years from the date of issue, ie,It turns to 2018 year;
3) Mate - the name of the GUI (a kind of desktop themes on Windows, although it is very rough comparison) and the shell is very convenient, intuitive, and most bezglyuchnoy.As you know, this is my favorite jacket :)
Bob recommended way for its processor architecture, look in windows it is possible in several ways, that's the most versatile: press the key combination win + R, the pop-up window, enter the command "cmd.exe" (without the quotation marks), press enter.Open a command prompt and type the command there "systeminfo".You will see a lot of letters, but at the moment we are interested in only one line, it is shown in the screenshot.The same effect can be achieved by right-clicking on the word "computer" in the Start menu and select "Properties";or by opening the Control Panel section of the "system."
So, go to the website Ubuntu-mate and shakes his version of
Next you need to download the image to write to a CD or flash drivefor installation.It is assumed that you know how to do it.Then reboot and the first boot device, select the media with our svezhezapilennym way.Depending on the method of recording an image, you will see one of two options Welcome screen.Choose either "Try Ubuntu" (Try Ubuntu), or "Run Ubuntu Mate".Language immediately choose Russian.
should see the desktop of Ubuntu.This is the infamous Live-CD, also known as a "live CD".The operating system is loaded directly from ingots or flash that gives us a lot of opportunities.The only negative - changes in the operating system - from the desktop background to a set of programs exist only until the computer is restarted.So basically, these discs are used for disaster recovery on the hard disk, resize partitions, etc.
Because the Windows Me hog all of the space on your hard disk, but now we besiege her.In the top pane, select the "system - & gt; Administration - & gt; GParted".What is it and why, explained below.
GParted - very convenient for the graphical layout of the hard disk.and if easier - a free analogue of the famous Acronis`a.The interface is intuitive, so probably will not dwell on it.

do the following - we press the right mouse button on the partition with Windows and in the menu select "Resize / Move" (Resize / Move).As Acronis, then you can move the sliders with the mouse on the chart section from left to right, thereby changing its size and location.We need to ensure that at the end of the section we had about 20 gigabytes of free space.This can be achieved by sliding the tail section to the left.The screenshot shows that should eventually succeed.
Attention !!!There is an insidious moment - sometimes GParted from any personal reasons (perhaps religious), 1 free megabytes left in the beginning of the section.It is necessary to strictly prevent, as in the case of the shift section with Windows, the latter can not boot, and in any case, a shift of the whole partition even one megabyte takes a lot of time.If you double-checked and mentally prepared to reduce the size of this section, the first schёlkayte button "Resize / Move", and then a green tick in the top panel.When you tick will appear frightening window specification - and you are sure in their actions?Also, it says that it is possible to lose data in the variable sections.There is no need to worry too much, at least on my considerable experience of such incidents were not.However, your heart cute files would be better to throw in some secluded place, using the same LiveCD.If you are sure, click "Apply" (Apply)
After we have won, "edinstvennoy_v_mire_operatsionnoy_sistemy" several gigabytes, you can already begin to actually install Linux.Close GParted, to find the desktop and run the program "Install Ubuntu".Ironically, the Ubuntu installer starts, which recommends to choose Russian language, or your mother, does not matter.Then click "Continue."
In the next window, the installer will check for free disk space (we did it produced, is not it?), Internet access (not necessarily at this stage), and askswhether to put right the latest updates and third-party software for all sorts of media.Personally, my opinion - update immediately set during installation for home use nafik not need (extra time), but the third-party software is a must.How to select, click "continue".
Next comes the Veselukha, seeing that a lot of people running in panic from the computer with the words "that the debility of the system, nothing is clear finally!".We need to choose the type of installation.The installer first item offers the most conspiratorially, "Install Ubuntu MATE next to Windows 7," ... But to be honest, never trust the automation, so doing so myself and advise you - choose "Another option" (can still be called "Manual").It's a bit difficult to understand at first, but the more correct and useful for the brain.
little thought, the machine will show us a map of the hard disk.Do not be surprised, here you will not see the usual vindovskih "drive", then the kingdom was divided, with which the actual vindovskie "wheels" are.I will not go into every point of this card because it is a separate large topic, except to say that all your focus should be on the line for "free space."I especially recommend you do not format it before, so at this point not to miss the section.Now, select the line "free space" and hit the plus sign that is below.
In the resulting window, do the same as shown in the screenshot: size - all available space section, type recommends making the primary (no time to explain, easy to do, the location - the beginning of this space, used as - journaling filesystem Ext4 (the native file system of Linux), the mount point - /. What is the mount point, too, to tell it is too early for beginners will not matter if the whole system is in the same section. If everything is correct, click "OK "
Then again you will see that same card drive, which will be a new section. If the name is a little different, do not panic - it means you have a little bit differently marked disc. Homedo not rewrite the section with Windows (and want to).Yes, more time - Device for boot loader installation by default / dev / sda, which corresponds to the first physical hard disk to load the operating system.If the disc you are physically one (a "piece of iron" in the system unit), then all right.If the disk is physically 2, make sure that the boot loader on the drive.Check out what disk starts loading, it is possible in the BIOS, in the Boot or Boot priority
If you did everything correctly, then click "Install Now."Program rugnёtsya the lack of swap space.A swap partition - is something like a spare RAM, but storage is used for designated smoking section (which we, by the way, did not do).If you have more RAM 2gigabayt, in general, it is unlikely you will come in handy.Therefore, click "Continue".
After selecting the location, the keyboard layout and time zone, the next stage - the most pleasant.Here you need to enter the name of a loved one, yourself, the computer name, user name and password required to.In Linux administrator password is required, it will be required to change the settings of your computer, install software and updates.I recommend to put a tick "to log on automatically," so that when you start to miss the authorization, and immediately work on the system and choose the "Encrypt My Folder" - hardly you hunt every time you open your folder to enter the password, and secret files you still unlikelywill keep you on a little-known system.
little thought, the installer will ask you to reboot.This means that the system is installed and you can have it full and fully enjoy.With the new start menu appears select the operating systems and can choose which OS to run - the Windows or Linux.That's it, enjoy!