you need
  • - Partition Manager;
  • - installation disk Windows.
When you need to install two identical operating systems - in this case, Windows XP, -nachnite usual installation of the first system.Enter the hard drive where you want to place the files Windows.
completed the first installation of the operating system, install Partition Manager.She will need to create additional partitions (if there are no), because the Windows XP installer does not allow manipulation of the partition.
Run.Open the "Master" and go to "New Partition."Activate the power user, and then click "Next".
Select the hard drive that you want to split into several parts, and then click "Next".Set the size of the future volume.Activate the option "Create a logical drive".Click "Next".
Select the type of file system for
the future partition.Click "Next" and "Finish".Under the toolbar menu, locate the virtual operations.Click the "Apply the pending changes."
After creating a new partition, restart your computer.Start the process of installing the new operating system.Select one of the newly created partition.Of course, do not select a partition with the OS already installed.
After installing a second operating system Windows XP, unfortunately, will not boot selection dialog bootable system.Enter the new OS.
Open the Control Panel.Go to "System".Open the "System Properties".Select the "Advanced" tab.Find the item "Startup and Recovery" and click "Settings."
Activate the option "Display list of operating systems at boot time."Set time selection window systems.Save your changes.Restart the computer to log on to a different operating system.