you need
  • - program DOSBox.
Install DOSBox, emulation software environment MS-DOS.C it means you can work with business applications that refuse to function in modern operating systems, old games, written before the advent of the new generation of personal computers, and other software products of the same type.Start DOSBox as an ordinary Windows-based application.It will open as a standard DOS-window interface text on a black background.
Type mount_k: _put to the application in the file space of the hard disk.For example, if you want to run the application msg.exe, which is loca
ted at C: \ MSG \ msg.exe, then to run it in DOSBox program need to enter the command mount k: _C: \ MSG \ msg.exe.k for this would be conditional virtual disk, and can be any lettering except those already employed removable disk drive, or hard disk partitions.The program displays a message: Drive k was mount as directory C: \ MSG \ msg.exe.
Enter k: \ and press Enter.This action will allow the move to a virtual disk K, on ​​which the program msg.exe.Enter the name of the executable file the application - in this case msg.exe - and press Enter.This will launch a program in the emulator.
In some cases, there are certain problems with work DOSBox game programs in full-screen mode.In such a case, it may help to install a plugin for that program called Ykhwong.This plug-in adds the ability to control using a standard, not a DOS-interface, solves the problem of display of the gameplay in the full screen and has a lot of useful settings to optimize video.