Auto-hide the taskbar

To hide the taskbar, right-click once on any of its place.Then, in the list that appears, select the line "Properties".A dialog box "Taskbar and Start Menu", which displays the basic settings and taskbar "Start" menu.

Call the dialog box "Taskbar and Start menu", you can also open the "Start" menu and clicking the left mouse button on the text field "Search programs and files".In this line, enter the query "panel" in the list that appears, select the line "Taskbar and Start Menu" from the block "Control Panel".

In the "Taskbar and Start Menu" tab, activate the "taskbar".It shows the settings registration, t
he provisions of existing taskbar buttons, etc.

Block "Making the task bar", scroll to "Auto-hide the taskbar" and put a check mark next to it.Press sequentially buttons "Apply" and "OK."After that, the taskbar will be hidden in the lead with her mouse.

General recommendations

order to trigger automatically hide the taskbar, move the mouse cursor to the edge of the monitor screen, along which it is located.Also cause the taskbar and the "Start" menu at any time, and when running full-screen applications by pressing the key «Windows» (with the logo of the operating system) on your keyboard.

user may also increase or decrease the size of the taskbar at its discretion.To do this, move the mouse cursor to the border strip of the taskbar to the cursor becomes a double-headed arrow.Then click the left mouse button and hold it, resize the taskbar, moving the cursor in the desired direction.

users are encouraged to include auto-hide the taskbar for small values ​​of the screen resolution of the monitor, aswhen a hidden panel workspace screen slightly increased.It is also slightly increase the size of the working area is possible, including the use of small icons on the taskbar.To do this, right-click on any point in the panel and from the context menu, select the line "Properties".Turn the tab "taskbar" in block design tick line "Use small icons".Press sequentially buttons "Apply" and "OK."Thereafter, the icons used in the task bar will be small and hence the size of the taskbar decrease slightly.