Create the point of rollback, you can manually, but if you set up your computer so that this action was carried out on a regular basis when changes are made to the operating system, the more concerned about this do not have to.To create your own point recovery, click "Start," then select "Control Panel", there go to "System and Maintenance" or just "System", depending on your version of Windows.
In the window on the menu to the right of the main window you will see the item "System Protection".If prompted, enter the administrator password.
new window opens in which you can not
only create, but also to configure the recovery options.To make the point of rollback, click on the "Create" button at the bottom of the window.
dialog box appears "System Protection".Enter a description for the restore point.It will need you if you are thinking of doing a rollback of the system.After the introduction describing click "Create."
to do a system restore regular and automatic, do not cover the tab with "System Protection".Select the hard drive to which you would like to enable security, and then click OK.To disable the protection, simply remove the flags and then click OK.