you need
  • - administrative privileges of the current user account.
Open the Control Panel window.Click the mouse on the "Start" button in the task bar on the desktop or press the Win key.Highlight the "Settings" menu that appears.Wait until the child menu.Click on the item "Control Panel."
2 Navigate to the folder "Administration".Find the shortcut in the current window with the appropriate name.Click the right mouse button.Click on the item "Open" pop-up menu.
Run resource management and administrative tasks.Double click the left mouse button on the icon "Computer Management" and click once on it, right click and select "Open" menu.
Activate Snap manage users and user groups on the local machine.Expand "Computer Management (Local)" and "Tools" sections of the hierarchy displayed in the left side of the application window.Highlight "Users".In the right pane to open the activated interface equipment, which is a list of users.
Locate the user account for which you want to disable the password.Focus on the user name and its description.If the list contains many elements, sort it in the column "Name", by clicking on its title with the mouse.Browse.Highlight the desired entry.
to start the process of changing the password for the account found.Click on the selected item in the list, right-click.The context menu appears.Menu and select "Set password ...".
Check out the information in the warning dialog that appears.If you still want to disable the password for the selected user, click OK.
Disable account password selected user.Leave the empty field "New Password" and "Confirmation" open dialogue.Click OK.A dialog is displayed with the message "Password changed."Click OK.