software failures

Speaking of software failures of loading the operating system, it is necessary to distinguish two main factors.The first factor - is setting BIOS, that is, setting up a basic input / output system.The second factor is a bug in the operating system loader.

If during the boot there is some error after the beginning of the start of the process, then you need to open a menu of operating systems.Restart the computer and at the beginning of downloading information from the hard disk, press F8.The menu choices loading the operating system.Select at the bottom of this list the line "Back to the choice of operating systems."A list of all installed on the hard disk operating system.Note whether the first on the list is that the operating system to be loaded.If not, you mu
st change the boot order.So, select the desired operating system and press Enter.After loading the system, open "My Computer", click on the "System Properties" and then click "Advanced system settings" in the left pane.Then in the tab "Advanced" then search for "Startup and Recovery" and click "Settings."Click the "Download OS" your operating system and click "OK".Restart the computer and check the correctness of the boot.

If you boot your computer in the list of operating systems do not have the right to have the operating system, then you need to check what kind of hard drive is loaded.Of course, this option is only possible if your computer has multiple hard disks.In order to test which of the hard drive is loaded, restart the computer by pressing the F2 key at the beginning.Open the BIOS.Go to Boot, using the arrow keys on the keyboard.In this section, Set the boot order of devices.Determine at what stage boot hard drive, select it and press Enter.Select the hard disk on which the operating system.Press F10 to save your changes and reboot.

Technical problems

If none of the above methods did not help you, the reason lies in a complete failure of the operating system, or malfunction of any computer device.In the first case you need to reinstall the operating system.Technical same problems usually associated with hard disk problems.Check the power contacts the hard disk in your computer's system unit and replace the power plug to another free plug.This procedure will make the work of the hard drive stable.