Making Windows 8

course topic in Windows 8, you can change, for example, simply changing the color of windows, etc.Make it pretty easy.To do this, right-click on the desktop and in the pop-up menu select "Personalize."A special window will appear where the user can choose the desktop, change the window color, saturation or brightness.Unfortunately, this configuration design in Windows 8 end.

Change desktop theme and initial screen

If you wish to change the theme of your operating system, you first need to patch it using a small utility called UltraUXThemePatcher.It can be easily found on the Internet and download.The installation procedure is quite simple and straightforward, the user should follow the instructions that appear on the screen and wait for the installation.

After that you can find on the internet any favor
ite theme for Windows 8, and download them.It is worth noting that the topics you need to also move at a particular address, the system was able to find them and they appear in the future in a special menu.All of the topics that will be downloaded and then, perhaps, set, move to the folder C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes \.As a result, in this folder should be the files with the extension .theme.

When everything is ready, you can then go to the desktop Windows.Next, you need to go back to the menu "Personalization."This box should be transformed after the patch.There will be a list of all downloaded and displaced those settings will be sound effects, customize screen savers and color windows.In the window where the user is asked to choose a theme for decoration, you can choose one of the most attractive and install it with a click.

In addition, the user can change not only the theme of desktop Windows, but the home screen.To do this, go to the "Start" menu and select the top right corner of the parameter "Personalization."Immediately after you click will be a small list of figures that can be set as the background for the home screen.In addition, if desired, the user can change the background color in a box.Also on the home screen, you can set the background on your desktop using the "Image", which is located to the right of and below the picture.