you need
  • of Windows.
Press the "Start" button and open the Win operating system main menu and look for the team «Run".If your computer is running Windows XP or Vista, you will see it in the right-hand column, and in Windows 7 with default settings in this menu, it does not appear.But in the "seven" you can use the search engine.Type in the search term "The compensation" and the link "Run" appears in the top line of the search results.In either version of the choice of this line will result in a dialogue on the screen to run programs.
Type cmd, click click OK.The monitor will open black box simulator terminal command line.You just dial the desired command and press Enter, to the application has begun to implement it.
When you enter a command, keep in mind: if it involves any manipulation stored in computer files should specify the full path to it.This means that we must enter a drive letter, the entire hierarchy of directories on the path from the root directory, and the full name of the file.For example, to delete a file with the name of the folder test.gif RelMedia, embedded in the Sources folder on drive F, it is necessary to enter: del F: SourcesRelMedia est.gif.
If team supposed to perform quite often, there is no need to enter each time manually.Write down everything you need in a file and perform a double-click in the file manager, or place it on your desktop, and then we can do even without a "conductor".To prepare such a file, open a text editor and write the first line of the desired command .
If multiple commands, put one in each row.Then save the document with the extension bat - it is in the registry reserved for files with sets of dos-commands.