Tip 1: How to install two operating systems

Install two or three operating systems on one computer can, each system will have its installed programs and system files to operating systems will not be confused.Typically, two or more operating systems installed in order to fulfill different tasks, for example, one OS - game, the second operating system - workstation or server.
First, we need larger hard drive, for example, 160 GB or more.It is recommended to use hard disks over 300 GB.It makes no sense to install multiple operating systems on hard drives with a small amount, asEach operating system requires a space for high performance, fast operation and, of course, dubbing programs.
After that, format the hard disk of a program to work with hard drives, for example, a series of Acronis (Acronis True Image, Acronis Disc Director or the other.).It must be recorded on the disc autorun, which can be done using Nero or Ashampoo.Format HDD best in NTFS, and not FAT, so you can proceed to the next step.
In the BIOS you need when
choosing the boot sequence device first specify the CD / DVD-ROM, save the settings, restart the computer and insert the disc into the tray with Acronis, and then restart the computer again.
After the BIOS boot start Acronis.In it we find something like 'to divide the hard disk "or" create a sector "(see description of tools).This option will split your hard drive into parts in a given ratio.For example, a hard disk of 250 GB can be divided into (C :) volume of 100 GB (D :) volume of 150 GB.It's all up to you.
After dividing the HDD, you need to insert into CD-ROM setup disk with the first operating system that you want to install on your computer.During installation, select the (C :), if you want to make this a leading operating systems, and (D :), if the secondary.After installing the first operating system, insert the disc with the second operating system and install it on another partition of the hard drive.
When you're done, restart your computer.When you turn on a black screen will appear asking you to choose which operating system you want to download.The arrows "up" and "down" to select the desired operating system, and then press "Enter".If within 30 seconds after the start of the computer operating system is selected, primary-boot operating system, iethe system that is installed in the partition (C :).

Tip 2: How to install two operating systems on the computer

With the advent of Windows 7, many users are faced with the problem of compatibility of some programs with this operating system.There is a category of programs that work only under Windows XP.This situation has led to the need to install multiple operating systems on one computer.Ways to solve this problem a lot.There are very simple, does not require any knowledge in the field of computer technology, and there are those that require work not only with the "iron", but also with the programs.
How to install two operating systems on your computer
you need
  • Installation disks Windows
Just want to note that the priority is first to install Windows XP, and Windows 7. You can then make andvice versa, but this method is more time consuming.And so, you have installed on your computer operating system Windows XP.Before installation, you should immediately divide your hard drive at least three local section.Their size should be: 10 GB, 30 GB and the "rest of the space."In the first section install Windows XP.This system does not need a lot of disk space.
Install Windows 7 on a second partition (30 GB).This is required because the installation of operating systems in a single partition could lead to instability in the work of both.
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run the operating system Windows 7. Open the properties of "My Computer", go to the tab "Advanced Settings system ยป.Find the line "Startup and Recovery" and select "Options."In the window that opens, check the box opposite the item "display list of operating systems."Now when you turn on your computer you will have the choice of loading the operating system .
  • install two operating systems on the computer
Remember that on a PC you can not install Apple MacOS, butMac computers you can install Windows.
Helpful Hint
to install Windows and Linux on the same computer, you need to create two partitions for Linux.


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