Sleep Mode - a special mode of operation of a personal computer, in which there is lower power consumption.This mode allows you to not turn off the computer and the computer to quickly resume work at the request of its owner.At its core, the sleep mode is a kind of "pause", which stops all running processes and applications, but at any time the computer can return to work.


Hibernate, in turn, is a low-power mode.The only difference from the previous regime, is in hibernation mode, all open documents, files and programs stored on the PC hard disk in a special file (hiberfil.sys).After all the information is stored, the computer shuts down.The most important advantage of this mode is that to maintain hibernation, unlike all the others, requires the least amount of electricity.First, such a regime designed exclusively
for laptops.Of course, in this regard, it appears that it is most reasonable to use on these devices.For example, if you are not going to use your computer for a long time and you can not recharge the battery, it is recommended to convert the notebook into hibernation.

It should be noted that whatever the state of the user did not choose, whether sleep or hibernation mode, in both these cases, the user's computer does not have to be de-energized (information may be lost).Of course, if this happens, the system can restore data directly from the disk, but that recovery is not a full-time (at the time this is an intensive load on the hard drive of a personal computer), respectively, if you abuse it, the system may be exposed to various negative influences.

Most computers to resume his work, but just enough to press the power button.But as all of the computers are different ways of resuming the work may also differ.To put your computer to normal operation, you may need to press any key on the keyboard (or a special power button), press the mouse button or open the laptop.

The result is that the difference between the two modes is virtually identical, but it is believed that it is better to use the hibernation mode.