you need
  • - Partition Manager.
As a first option, try to create an image of the operating system, and then restore it to another partition.Open the Computer Management.Select "System and Security".Go to "Backup and recovery."
Examine the contents of the left column menu displayed.Select "Create a system image" and go to it.Wait for the process of determining the devices suitable for storing the image.Select any suitable location, such as a hard disk partition and click "Next".
in the new window displays a list of partitions to be backed up.Click "Backup" to create and save an image of the operating system.
Now go back to the menu "Backup and recovery."Select "Create a recovery disk."Note the following caveat: if you have a Windows 7 installation disc, you can skip this step.Now, in
sert the recovery disk into the drive and restart the computer.
In the recovery menu, select "Restore the system from the image."Enter the path to the file-image, and a recovery system (drive D).
If you use the operating system Windows XP, it is easier to just copy the topic.Install Partition Manager.Restart your computer and run this application.Choose an experienced user.
Right-click on the system hard disk (C).Select "Copy Partition".In the new window will have a choice of storage space for future copies.The program does not copy a partition to an already created a local disk, so you will need to have unallocated space.If not - remove one of the local disks.
Select the unallocated space to store a copy of the section.Click "Next".In the confirmation window set parameters press the button "Finish".
Now click the "Apply the pending changes" located on the toolbar.Wait until the process is completed the copy section.