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  • of Windows.
If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, open the main menu and the menu and select "Control Panel."In the panel, click "System and Security" and then click on the label "System" to gain access to the desired applet.It may be launched in other ways - for example, press Win, type "SIS" link and select the "System" in the search results.And you can use hotkeys Win + Pause.
In the control panel applet under "View basic information about your computer", find the "System", and in it the line that begins with the words "type of ยป.After the colon on this line and is listed bit your OS.
You can find this data and using another operating system component.To start it, too, open the main menu system , start typing three letters "SYS" and press Enter.This starts a component titled "System Information."On the main tab that bears the same name, look for the line "Type" column in the "Element".In the second column - "Value" - will contain the information you need.Usually it is in English.If you find there is an inscription X86-based PC, this means that the computer uses a 32-bit operating system.64-bit corresponds to the inscription X64-based PC.
In Windows XP, described in the previous step, component system too, but it will have to open a dialogue through the running programs.Open the main menu, select "Run", then type winmsd.exe and click on OK.Method of determination here is exactly the same as in the previous method - in the field "Type" must contain the number of 64 to 64-bit operating system or the number of 86 to 32-bit.
Version XP, you can use this option: press the key combination Win + R, then type sysdm.cpl, and press Enter.In the window that opens, click the "General" tab and read the inscription under the heading "System" - in the name of the operating system if no mention of the 64-bit bit (x64 Edition), then a 32-bit system.