you need
  • - handheld device;
  • - program Pocket DOS 1.10;
  • - mouse driver and PDMOUSE.drv OEMSETUP.inf.
To begin, download the source through a certified program Pocket DOS 1.10, which is required to install Windows.If you have a version of Pocket DOS 1.11, then it is also quite nice.Next, install the plugin PDAs 486 BOCHS.Once you have completed the installation of the plugin, start to install the driver of the mouse.For this purpose, a program directory and install the drivers OEMSETUP.inf PDMOUSE.drv.
Now set on a handheld computer, EMC, at least 3 MB.After get the C drive and put it under his card.Having done so, copy the card ver
sion of windows the folder 31. As soon as the operating system will be in a folder, run the ROM DOS 6.22.and enter the command C: / 31 / setup.
After activation command in the opened window you will see the installation.To make its completion, press Enter, and then press C. This opens a window containing information about where to install Windows 3.11.Skip it and then press Enter.You will see a list of the equipment in which the open line, and click Enter, begins with the words Mouse (Mouse).In the resulting window, click the latest string and change the way the driver to drive A to the disk S.
After the system detects the mouse driver, press Enter, and again when the wait will end up temporary files.Next, make the installation of Windows, as it will appear in the menu.After installation, the system prompts you to install the printer driver and network adapter driver.Finally, restart PDAs .
finished reboot your computer, open a text editor Config.sys file and write it in this form: DEVICE = C: /WINDOWS/HIMEM.SYS Finally, run the ROM DOS 6.22., Writing C: /Windows/