Run-menendzher Windows, this operation by pressing the designated hotkeys win + e.This is not the only way - you can, for example, double-click the shortcut "My Computer", located on your desktop or select "Computer" from the main menu on the button "Start".
If you work with your computer using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, then the left side of the Explorer window that opens, find the need to "organize" button.Clicking on it opens a list in which you need to select "Folder Options."This action will open a separate window utility designed to change the current directory settings.
If you use Windows XP, open Windows Explorer window, expand the menu section "Service".It point, triggering a similar utility, named a little differently - "Folder Options."Select this, and further action will be the same in all three versions of Microsoft Windows.
find a list of the "Advanced Settings", which is placed on the tab "View" window settings folder properties.In the list of advanced settings look for the line with the text "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" and uncheck indoors in this line checkbox.Then find a checkbox placed in line with the text "Hidden files and folders" and put a mark in it.
Click the "OK" button to save entered in the installation folder display changes.Depending on the version of the operating system for the entry into effect of these changes may have to restart Windows Explorer.
described method will give you access to system files and folders, but not all of them can be changed when operating in normal mode operating system.With some files it can only be done in a secure manner, with others - only when the instance of another OS or boot disk.