you need
  • - the ability to save files to the hard disk.
Open editor "Notepad".This program is included with all current versions of the operating system Windows.Click on the button "Start".From the menu, select "Programs", "Standard", "Notepad".If a shortcut to launch the "Notepad" can not be found, choose "Run" in the "Start" menu.The text box is displayed, type notepad.exe, and then click OK.
How to return a label
in the "Notepad" type the following text: [Taskbar] Command = ToggleDesktop [Shell] Command = 2If you want the label to collapse the window was compared specific icon at the end of the documentadd a line like: IconFile = & lt; resource & gt; where & lt; resource & g
t;- Path to the file icon or name of the PE-module with the specified resource identifier separated by commas.For example: IconFile = C: TMPmyico.icoiliIconFile = explorer.exe, 3
How to return a label
Save the text entered in the "Notepad", a file with the extension scf.To prevent accidental deletion of the file makes sense to place it in one of the subdirectories of the folder where the operating system is installed.For example, System or System32.Close the "notepad".
How to return a label
Create a shortcut to a file saved in the previous step.Start you use the file manager application "Explorer" or open the folder "My Computer".Go to the directory scf-file.Click the right mouse button and select "Create Shortcut" from the context menu.Rename the label if necessary.
How to return a label
Add a shortcut on your desktop or Quick Launch apps.Copy it by dragging to the desired location.
How to return a label
Check correct functioning of the added label.Run one or more applications (such as "Explorer" and "Notes").Click on the icon.All window should fold.
How to return a label