you need
  • - computer;
  • - skills editors flash.
Launch Flash MX, to start creating your own cursor in flash.Next, create a new clip with the key combination Crtl + F8 or the corresponding command "File" menu.Then follow the pattern of their own flash cursor.Move to the main stage, add video from the library.
Click on the clip, press the key combination Ctrl + I.In the panel that opens, enter the Instance option Kursor in Name.Step 2 Add the following script is a movie clip: onClipEvent (load) {Mouse.hide (¬ęThis line is designed to hide the cursor");startDrag (kursor, true) (This line attaches our flash cursor to hide the cursor mouse. "Press the key combination Crtl + Enter, to check, to determine whether you create flash cursor.
Import the image toCursor To do this, press the keys Ctrl + R, such as a triangle. Select the imported image to make the figure flash cursor and press F8.
Move point Registration left and up. As the name list thecursor_mc. Next, add a new layer, click F9. Point set the left and up. Look at the result obtained using the key combination Crtl + Enter.
Make a cable for flash cursor. To do this, open the libraryusing the key combination Ctrl + L, click the cursor right mouse button. Then select from the popup menu, select Linkage.Check the box in the team Export for ActionScript.Next, go to the line and enter the Identifier Cursor.
Next, add code to an existing script, which is available on the link your changes.The source code to create your own cursor in Flash can be downloaded from the following link attach the cursor to the web page list the path to the style sheet.