mandatory condition - in Photoshop must be installed on your computer, otherwise there will be nothing to look.During installation on a PC Editor "Setup Wizard" automatically creates a shortcut startup file on the desktop.It appears as a blue square with white letters Ps within.Click the left mouse butt
on - the application starts.
If the desktop is not an icon, try to find it in the "Start" menu - this is the second place where the label is automatically created to run the program.Click "Start" in the lower left corner of the screen or the Windows key on the keyboard (looks like a waving flag).
Left-click on the item "All Programs" to view all the menus.Locate the right-click menu in the above-described blue icon labeled Adobe Photoshop CS3 or CS4.Click the left mouse button and wait for the boot application.
In the event that no startup file on the desktop or in the "Start" menu, open the directory where you installed the program.By default, the editor is installed on drive C. Click on the desktop icon "My Computer" in the dialog box, select the local disk C. Open the Program Files folder and locate the folder, subfolder Adobe and Adobe Photoshop.Click on the file Photoshop.exe the left mouse button.
You can also use the search function.Press the Windows key or the "Start" button and choose the command "Search".A new dialog box.In the field "What do you want to find?", Select "All files and folders."The window will change its appearance.
Fill in the first field name of the file you're looking for - Photoshop - and press the "Find" or press Enter.Wait for your query will display a list of files found.In the list of file Photoshop.exe, clicking the left mouse button.