Tip 1: How to start your computer from another computer

In case of failure of the operating system can be fast enough to recover.In this situation it is very important to take care of creating a Windows image and its reasonable accommodation and storage.
you need
  • network cable.
First, create an image of the operating system Windows.This should be done as soon as you install all the necessary drivers, software, and additional applications.Remember that the recovered OS will be exactly in the same condition in which it was at the time of image creation.Open the "Control Panel".Go to "System and Security".
Now open the menu "Backup and Restore" and go to "Create a system image".Wait until the operating system will detect the possible storage of the future image of Windows.In the window that opens, select "network location."
Now click "Browse".Double-click on the icon "Network".Once click on the computer on which you want to save the image of the operating system.Specify the folder you want to store the archives of the f
Now enter the username and password that will be required to access the system image.Click "OK".In the newly opened menu "Create a system image", click "Next".Specify the local drives to be included in the archive.For OS Windows Seven and Vista it should be the system and boot drives.
Now click "Next" and check the settings.If you correctly entered the storage location and the required sections, then press the "Archive".
Return to the menu "Backup and Restore" and go to "Create a system repair disc."Select the drive, which is a blank disc, and click "Create Disc".
In case of failure of the operating system, insert the disc into the drive and start it by pressing the F8 key at the start of the boot.In the menu that appears, select "Restore the system from the image."Specify the storage location of the file.In this case, it would be another computer, located in the same local network as your PC.

Tip 2: How to download from the computer disk

it possible to work on the computer without booting the system from the hard disk?On what opportunities open up, if you work at the computer, bypassing the established system can not even speak.Removal of viruses, file system recovery and other operations with hard drives are available through a download.But to get access to all the devices you need to download the disk to the computer.
How to boot from the drive computer
Multiloading drives - a very convenient solution, when it became necessary to download from the computer disk.There are a lot of options of boot disks with different set of pre-installed software.They are called "LiveCD", ie live discs.Choose your favorite operating system in assembly LiveCD format and download it to your computer.
selected assembly of the operating system is a file with the extension * .iso.To work with these files requires additional software.With the help of burning software such as Nero, Ashampoo Burning Studio and others, making it possible to record images in the media, Burn the downloaded image file to CD or DVD disc.
Restart the computer and enter the BIOS.Menu BIOS may have different names depending on the manufacturer, but most parameters of interest is on the tab "Advanced".Among other names looking for the item "Boot up order" or other similar in meaning.Stavvte first boot device CD-ROM ("First Boot Up Device"), and save the changes, exit the BIOS.
4 Insert the recorded disc into the drive and boot from it.Once you are able to boot from the drive computer, you can start troubleshooting by using preset programs on the LiveCD.


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