types of monitors

screen resolution of your monitor or laptop determines the clarity of the text or images displayed on the display.For high resolution, for example, 1900x1200 pixels, all the objects will look clearer.Also, objects become smaller, and therefore they will fit on the screen anymore.A low resolution, for example, 1024x768 pixels, the size of text and images increases, but their sharpness becomes worse.

Affordable permission to use depends on the monitor.So, the old CRT monitors typically have a diagonal of 17 inches and only supports a resolution of 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels.

LCD monitors and laptop screens have a diagonal of 17 and above, and also support higher resolutions.The more the monitor itself, the higher a resolution that it can support.The ability to increase the screen resolution depends o
n the diagonal of the monitor as well as on the used video.

How to change the screen resolution

To change the screen resolution, you must go to "Screen Resolution."To do this, click "Start," then select "Control Panel", go to the section "Appearance and Personalization" and select "Adjust screen resolution".There is another way: you have to bring up a menu on the desktop, right-click and select "Screen Resolution."

In the new window select the desired resolution (in this case the system will show the recommended resolution for this screen).To apply the new resolution, you must click "Apply" button.The screen resolution will change immediately and the user will have 15 seconds to think - to keep this authorization, or return to the previous.

LCD monitors, as well as laptop screens, work best in "native" resolution.This does not mean you have to put it is the screen resolution, but for maximum clarity of images and text is recommended to use the native resolution.

If the user does not know the resolution of your monitor, you can always learn from the handbook or on the official website of the manufacturer.You can also determine the resolution of the monitor diagonally.For example, a 19-inch screen supports resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, for the 20-inch is 1600x1200 pixels, for a 22-inch - 1680x1050, and 24-inch screens - 1900x1200.