search folder

If you know the name of the desired folder, then open the library "Computer" and left-click once on the search string "Search Computer" in the upper right corner of Windows Explorer.

Activate the search box, you can also press the key combination Ctrl + F on your keyboard.This will move the text cursor in t
he search box, and a string a list of recently used queries.

Enter the name of the folder you want to find a dedicated search bar and press the Enter key on the keyboard, or wait for the automatic response of the request.

In the area of ​​the conductor view will display a list of files and folders whose names match the search query.

also find the folder you want, knowing her name, it is possible through the "Start" menu.To do this, open the menu and set the text cursor in the search string "Search programs and files" by clicking the left mouse button once.

Then enter the search string with the name of the desired folder and press the Enter key or wait for the automatic delivery of results, which appear in the list of files, folders and programs that match the query.

Optimization Search

To speed up the search for files and folders on the PC operating system, Windows uses the function of the indexing of files and folders.The non-indexed directory search of files and folders can be slow and inefficient.To add any location in the system code, go to "Start" menu and right select "Control Panel."

In the Control Panel, select the line "Indexing Options" by clicking the left mouse button once.In the dialog box displays a list of indexed directories.If the list is not displayed all locations available on your computer, then click "Show all locations" at the bottom of the window.

Then click "Change" button in the dialog box in the "Change selected locations", set a checkmark in rows with the name of the directory to be added to the index for fast search.Click "OK" and then close all dialog boxes configure indexing.

Pay special attention to the fact that access to the parameters of the index locations is allowed only in a computer administrator account, ie,when you try to change the operating system can request a password.