Manufacturer Windows operating system, Microsoft has provided users' willingness to work in a complete system, for which there is a special algorithm of actions, which allows to update the initial version of Windows 7 to complete, more suitable for the user.

Refresh the current version of Windows

for organizing the process of change of Windows 7 Starter, first of all, you need to install all available updates.To do this, go to the "Start" menu, and the line "Search programs and files" type "Update Windows».Run the program found.In the opened window, click the "Check for updates" and install all available updates at the time of the search.

Install Upgrade Advisor Windows 7

should be noted that to change with Windows 7 Starter, you must have the upgrade key Windows Any Time Upgrade.To
begin the successor to Windows 7 Starter, you must install the software from Microsoft - Upgrade Advisor on Windows 7. This program will show whether the computer is ready for Windows 7, check the hardware, installed programs, and provide instructions for solving possible problems along with recommendations for furtheruser actions.It is also important that the change Windows 7 Starter version to another using the Upgrade Advisor to ensure the safety of users' personal data, so there is no reason to spend the time to create a backup copy.

Connect all devices

for maximum optimization of the Upgrade Advisor before starting the program must connect to the computer all devices (including USB-devices, printers, scanners, external hard drives) that you plan to use when working with your computer.

Upgrade Advisor will scan your computer for potential compatibility issues and generate a report that will contain information about the computer system requirements, there are problems with compatibility of installed equipment and programs, and further recommendations for updating the system.

Install a new version of Windows

Follow the Upgrade Advisor, select the final version of Windows 7 and start updating.When the update program prompts the license key, enter it in the appropriate field and click "OK".

At the beginning of the program will request an update to the terms of the license agreement, read with them, and, in the case of agreement, click "I Agree".Wait until the system update - after that the computer will restart.In this process of change with Windows 7 Starter is completed.