you need
  • - computer;
  • - of Windows.
Create this case a special label, which will be located on the desktop.Click the mouse on the desktop (right-click).Select the "Start", then "Shortcut."In the line "Choose the location of the object" enter the following information: taskkill / f / fi / "username" / fi "imagename ne explorer.exe" / fi "imagenanenedwm.exe" /.Username - user name, replace it with another, choose their own.
Think icons for your name, change the picture to a more convenient icon.Secure icon on the taskbar.To do this, click on the icon, right-click, the pop-up menu, select line "Pin to Taskbar".
Keep in mind, you can edit the list of applications, eliminate the selected program.Fill in the above information - / fi "imagena
mene name application .exe ".When exchanging name the desired application.Check the name of the selected program in the Task Manager or the properties of the application .Click on the icon with the right mouse button application.From the menu, select the line "Properties".Copy the exact name of the file in the shortcut.
closing the application, make sure that you were not in it work.Remember that the work has not been irretrievably lost, the document must necessarily be saved.Close one application by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard - Alt + F4.Adjust items application at its discretion.Click on the open application, right-click, get to the menu line "type."
To close an application that for some reason "stuck", press alternately - Ctrl + Alt + Del.You will see the Task Manager window.Click on the name of the application click and close it by clicking the option "Stop the application ยป.Run the application again, so a reboot will return it to a healthy state.