Tip 1: How to enable accelerated application launcher

task switching acceleration start applications belongs to the category of administration.In Windows XP version, it can be solved by standard means of the system and is not intended to attract additional software.
By default, there are two modes of operation of Windows XP versions - one optimized for background applications and services, and the second - putting in first place the program launched by the user.To display the settings used by the system, you must call up the main menu system by pressing the "Start" button, and go to the point "Control Panel".Open the link "System" and click the "Advanced" tab in the dialog box.
Click the "Performance Options" and check with the values ​​of system settings.All applications are divided by priority, which determines the amount of CPU time provided by the selected application and the priority of the thread.
Select the priority classes for application : - Real-time (maximum); - high - middle - close to nulyu.Prioritety ya
rns are divided on the basis of - time-critical - the highest;- above average - average - below average - low - close to zero.
Changing the priority class of the program mozhetbyt performed using the Task Manager utility.Click the "Processes" tab and open the context menu of the selected applications, click the right mouse button.Specify item "Priority" and select the appropriate option.
alternative method of changing the priority class of the desired application is creating a batch file with the desired parameter.To do this, use sintaksisstart / klass_prioriteta drive: polnyy_put_k_ispolnyaemomu_faylu_programmy.Note that the path must be specified exactly to the .exe-file and not the label.
automates this process by creating a special batch file named high.bat: echo offstart / high% 1.Razmestite file created in the SendTo directory of your user profile, and use the context menu for the desired program start with high priority.

Tip 2: How to perform partial launching vehicles into space

few years ago, space travel were considered the exclusive domain of the most advanced in science and technology to States.On the first cast in the space race was the Soviet Union and the United States.And if Soviet scientists immediately opted for a one-time multi-stage booster, the Americans have relied on a spaceship "Shuttle", which after a space flight could return to Earth and turned into a kind of aircraft.Thus, the American spacecraft can be used repeatedly.
How to implement a private spacecraft launches to space

loss of two out of five American ships has led to the fact that several years ago the program "Shuttle" was closed.And Russia - successor to the USSR - became the de facto monopoly in the transport space, and most importantly - in the managed space flights.Currently, the cost of flying an American astronaut on the Russian "Soyuz" varies between 62 - 63 million.

«Soyuz» has deserved the glory of a very reliable spacecraft.However, it can already be considered outdated.Moreover, since the collapse of the USSR collapsed and many economic ties between the former republics, most of the production of parts for the "Union" has been terminated.They now has to produce in small quantities, which, of course, dramatically increases the cost of parts themselves, and increases the cost of "Union."

Recently, the lucrative market space transportation insistently trying to invade the private companies.For example, SpaceExploration Technologies.She was designed and built by private spaceship "Dragon", was successfully launched into space on 22 May airfield at Cape Canaveral, USA."Dragon", launched into orbit by "Falcon 9", was used as a cargo ship to the International Space Station.And, if all previous existing cargo ships were disposable, that is burned on the way back in the dense layers of the atmosphere, the "Dragon" will be able to return to earth.

Management Space Exploration Technologies claims that in case of successful testing as a cargo ship, "Dragon" in the future will be used to transport people.It can be transported in one trip up to 7 people (while the "Union" - a maximum of 3).Estimated cost per astronaut - about $ 20 million.

There is no doubt that private space flight - in sight.While it is difficult to predict, that there may be more - plus or minus.Of course, the competition always leads to an increase in the quality of products or services, cost savings, the development of technology.On the other hand, in the fight against large corporations for such a promising and profitable market business can reach a very negative consequences.

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