Files Tmp - from the English "temporary" - «temporary», necessary for normal functioning of the operating system.Typically, they are simply removed when no longer necessary.But in some cases it is useful to see what they have "inside" and possibly save valuable information.

Open the temporary files

In to open the temporary file, no big deal.Of course, the master can use hacking heaped viewers in hexadecimal format, but in fact this is not required.Enough to take:

usual "Notepad".It can open many files with strange extensions.For this there are two ways.In the first case you have to click twice on the file, and then select the menu in the proposed "Notepad."In the second case, you must first run the "Notepad" and then it has
to open the file.

HEX-editor.It means to "cool" hackers able to read the code, make your changes, make changes.Sometimes it is required, but for mere mortals are usually useless.Therefore, this option is not for everyone.

But if you do not have "Notepad" or "hacker" software, you can use any text editor such as WordPad or Word.Another question is, if you open a temporary file, what to do next.

Why open temporary files

is done for one reason - to save the information.The fact that the file name extension, or before its code in the first symbol may contain indications of what the program can open it.

For example, if you worked with any document in Word or Excel, and called him "the devil on kulichkah.doc" temporary file may be named in a similar manner.Or it can contain the similar line.

Imagine that while working with the document turned out the lights, and it just disappeared from the working folder.Then you need to go to the Temp folder, and it is possible he will be there.Then just change the extension and continue.Information saved!

manual removal

It so happens that the temporary files are not deleted automatically.Then you need to do it manually.First, make sure that it is temporary files, and that they will not be needed in the future.If you are completely sure of this, then you can move them to a "shopping cart" with the further purification of the latter.

But this way of working is sometimes too long.Therefore, the system can be put on one of the many programs for automatic cleaning of unwanted "garbage".For example, it may be CleanIt or 4Diskclean.