you need
  • - boot disk MS-DOS;
  • - distribution Windows 98.
After you insert a bootable floppy disk, you must restart your computer.On the screen will appear the questions that need answering positively (Yes = Enter).
Next on the screen should appear with the name of the installed system, just below the line will be MS-DOS (D: \ & gt;).Enter the command VC (Volkov Commander) and press Enter.
To navigate through the list of files, press the keys "up arrow" and "down arrow".To launch a file or open a folder, use the press Enter.Go to the previous directory by clicking on the icon with two dots (..).
Navigate to SYSTEM and then click fdisk.exe.On the issue of program support for large disks respond positively (Y
+ Enter).Then press 1 and hit Enter.
In the next window you should do the same - click yedinichku keys and Enter.The program will start checking the integrity of the disk.An inquiry about the use of disk space respond positively.Following the announcement of the completion of the program of action, press Esc and Enter.
Go back to the file manager, navigate to the SYSTEM and dial C: (the line will look like - D: \ SYSTEM \ C :), then press Enter.On the question of the destruction of all the files on the disk, answer positively.After formatting the disk then press Enter.
Navigate to the directory SYSTEM and run a utility smartdrv.exe.Now you can proceed directly to the installation itself.In File Manager, go to the disk with the distribution, use the keyboard shortcut Alt + F2 and select the disk R.
To start the installation, run the setup.exe.In the window that appears, then press Enter.After running ScanDisk, click Exit, and then "Continue".
When the license agreement, select "I Agree" and then click "Next".Enter the license number of the product that is indicated on the cover of the box drive.To switch the input language, both hold Shift'a.
directory for the system partition, leave the default.In the "View Settings", select "Normal".Next, enter your name and organization name in the appropriate fields.
in a new window, use the "Select components manually."A compulsory component is the "Direct Cable Connection", the others can note your choice.
Next you will be prompted to create a boot disk.Since its establishment do not forget to remove the floppy disk from the drive.A window will appear, which will start the process of copying files.
In the next window, you will be offered to enter the correct date and time, if they do not coincide with the data stored in the memory of the board.Also in this window will be equipment installation and initialization.In the event of a hung state, you can manually restart the computer.
After the automatic restart the computer to load the main desktop system.You have reached the last (final) mark, install the drivers and software.