you need
  • - computer;
  • - program SetFSB;
  • - program CPU Tweaker.
First of all, you need to download and install the appropriate software overclocking.For example, a popular utility called SetFSB.This program allows you to easily change the frequency of the system bus by means of conventional controls.
Download the program from the portal and insert it into the operating system.Run the program SetFSB, double-clicking the left mouse button on the exe-file.Explore program .It has a very simple interface, so the problem should not occur using even the novice users.In the Control tab displays the current CPU fre
quency and tires, as well as a means of change.In the Customize tab, you can specify additional parameters of the system on your own.
Experiment with the program.Note that to change the characteristics of the processor and the tires need to be very careful, because incorrect settings can lead to unstable operation of the processor and motherboard, or even disable them.Try to gradually increase the load to see if the computer behaves.Go to the Diagnostics tab and check the stability of the system with the specified parameters.If necessary, go back to the first tab and change the settings.The settings are valid only until the computer is restarted.
To configure the processor directly from the operating system, download and install the program CPU Tweaker.Find on the official site .This program allows you to use certain settings to increase the computer's performance without increasing energy consumption and heat dissipation.Also watch out for the system load.Do not overdo it, to later do not have to buy a new computer or processor.