To open the "Task Manager Windows», enter the keyboard shortcut Ctrl, Alt and Del.In the window you can not only get the necessary information, but also set a series of commands.Navigate through the appropriate tab to get information about open source software, running processes, or computer speed.
Use the "End Process" in the "Processes" tab if necessary, stop the unnecessary applications you need.Use the "Remove tasks y" on the tab "Applications" you can close the window of any program displayed in the "Browser" list.To go into hibernation or standby, shut down or restart the computer, log off or change user, use the top menu, then selecting "Shut Down."
If you can not simultaneously press three keys mentioned in th
e first step, use a different way to call Windows' Task Manager Windows ».Right-click on the "Panel tasks ».By default, it is located at the bottom of the screen.The drop-down menu, select "Task Manager », clicking the left mouse button - to open the required window.
If you do not see the "Panel tasks », press the button on the keyboard with the image of the flag Windows - panel displays and become static.To "panel tasks " does not disappear every time through the "Start" menu go to "Control Panel" in the category "Appearance and Themes" icon, click the "Panel tasks and Start Menu."In the dialog box on the "Task Panel » uncheck the field "Auto-hide the task bar », click "Apply" and close the window.
If the method described in the third step, you also do not fit, click the "Manager" in a different way.Through the "Start" menu, choose "Run".In the empty field, enter tasks have taskmgr without quotation marks, extra spaces, or other characters printed.Press the Enter key on the keyboard or the OK button in the "Run".