Tip 1: How to format the system drive

computer owners sometimes in the process of facing the need to clear the entire drive, including the one on which the current version of Windows.Equipped with protection from interference, Windows does not allow the operator PC as easy to make this operation.Format the system disk though a little harder, but still doable.
To perform this procedure, you will need to run your computer from another download source, which may be a CD or DVD, an external drive or, for example, USB flash drive with the installed operating system.
After such downloads are currently working on an operating system is not aware of that, which is on the hard drive to be cleaned, and it will be removed.
booted from an external drive that is Windows, you only have to clean up the former boot drive staff and tools by selecting "Format" from the context menu.
You can also use the installation CD or DVD windows and make reformatting tools section of the installer.

Tip 2: How to format the disk with the operating system

to format the hard disk or partition, you can use a lot of techniques.The problem is tricky when you want to clear the hard drive installed on it operating system .
How to format the disk with the operating system
you need
  • - Partition Manager;
  • - installation disk Windows.
Few people want to format the system hard drive, without installing a new operating system.If you still need to clean the hard disk from the OS, you can use this to another computer.Remove the hard drive from the system unit.Connect the hard drive to another computer, using it as a secondary hard drive.
Turn on this computer.Open the list of existing partitions on the hard disk (menu "My Computer").Right-click on the system partition drive and select "Format".Specify if you want the new cluster size, and set the volume label.Click "Start" to start the cleaning process.
If you can not connect a hard drive to another computer, use the installation disc, Windows Seven or Vista.Insert one of said disk drive.Run Setup operating system.
When the display window with a list of existing partitions, press the "Setup disk ยป (Disk Settings).Select the system partition and click "Format".If you do not want to install a new OS, just turn off the computer.
As an alternative to the installation disk, use the program Partition Manager.Plus this utility is that you can set up certain operations, which would later be made in DOS-mode.
Run Partition Manager and activate the experienced user.Right-click on the system partition disk .Select "Format".Confirm the selected operation in the next window.Specify the file system format of pure volume.
To start, click "Apply the pending changes."After some time a window will appear, containing a proposal to restart the computer.Click the "Restart Now."The program will continue running DOS.
Helpful Hint
If you format the system drive Partition Manager, the program is better to install on the other partition of the hard drive.
Pro Tips: how to format the drive
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Pro Tips: how to format the drive


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