you need
  • computer;
  • video capture card;
  • cable set and video recorder, a video cassette which will be read
Open the system cover by unscrewing the fixing screws.Install the video capture card to the motherboard and turn on the computer .Then insert the driver disk and special software for recording video in the drive for reading optical discs.Follow the "Setup Wizard".Connect the VCR set of cables and image capture board.Then turn on the VCR and set it to video tape.
then you must run the video on your computer e. To do this, turn on the VCR to play, and the pro
gram start the recording process.After the end of the part you want to record, stop the recording in the recording program, and VCRs.After recording, remove the video capture board from the motherboard and close the system unit.
In this recording process is completed.Then you can view the recorded parts, edit, reformat, burn it to a CD or DVD, etc.