you need
  • internet access
Go to yaschik.Otkroyte alres electronic portal, which hosts the e-mail.Enter the appropriate values ​​in the fields "Username" and "Password."If the user has forgotten them, you should use the password recovery function.
Find incoming pisma.V window that appears on the menu is a list of messages, select the category "Inbox".Typically, this is the very first point.To open the incoming messages need to hover the mouse cursor over the link and click the left button.
Look incoming pisma.Otkryvshiysya will display a list of all the letters that have come to this e-mail address.Unread messages usually appear in bold or marked in any other way that is easy to recognize visually.
Read the new letter a new letter need to click and the content will open in a separate e-mail pole.Esli letter can not be read by the user, it is the result of incorrect coding letters or complex formatting.In this case, you can try to change the reference coding WIN / ALT / KOI / MAC / ISO.If that fails and an still displays the characters, then reading these emails need special programs - the ones used by the sender of the letter.
podskazkami.Dlya Take advantage of special tips in complex emergency situations every resource, which manages the mail inbox has its forums and sections "Tips for beginners."Here you can find all the answers to user questions.And if the situation is unique, you can ask a question with a detailed description of the problem portal administration or experienced users on sites devoted to computers, the Internet, e-mail.