you need
  • - Computer c OC Windows XP.
Open Display Properties ("Start" menu - Control Panel - Display).In the window that opens, select the theme to your taste.If the topics you do not like, you can download right from the Internet.To install the downloaded theme in the drop-down list so scroll down and select the line "Overview".Locate the folder in which you downloaded the theme - it is installed on your computer.
Open next tab - Desk.Select the picture you want to see on your desktop, from the list, or any other place, by using the button "Browse".Adjust display mode image can be placed in the center, pave it full screen or stretch the size ekrana.Esli you do not want
to place the image, you can simply fill the desktop entirely your favorite color.
Click on the "Customize Desktop".This opens a window where you can replace the standard icons "My Documents", "My Computer", "My Network Places" and "Shopping" on the other.
Select screensaver and standby time interval of its occurrence.The parameters of the selected screen can be edited at will.See screensaver in fullscreen mode allows pressing the button "Browse".To stop viewing and go back, press any key.
tab « Making ».Adjust the individual design elements as desired.You can select one from the ready-made circuits, and can edit already installed.
Click on the "Advanced" button.Left click to select the preview items that you want to modify.Either open the scroll "Element" and select the desired item from the list.You can change the color, size elements, fonts, labels, etc.Choose the best option, click "OK".
Replace folder icons to highlight the most important and favorite in the list.For example, a folder with important documents or favorite videos.To do this, the desired folder, right click and select the menu item "Change directory icon."
system, if you wish, shortcut icons on the desktop.To do this, right-click, and in the window that opens, click on "Change Icon."