Tip 1: How to make the operating system

When you install Windows 7, you get a set of standard and rather opportunities.However, each user has its own preferences and interface, and the logic of the system.
Therefore, each user "makesĀ» operating system for themselves.Adjust the graphic design of the operating system via the desktop settings.Depending on the version of the program, you can make the panel frames of the windows and transparent, adjust the automatic change wallpaper, connect the useful gadgets and more.All you need to design desktop computer can be found on a special website, oformi.net.
Install the necessary programs.Usually it is office applications, software for viewing video and listening to music, e-mail clients, web browsers and various messengers.Make a folder with a set of such programs, or even the installation disc for the future.All downloads checked using antivirus software.
Configure service operating system utilities.Disable user control from the "Control Panel", set the automat
ic update settings, remove the warning "Security Center".Be sure to install anti-virus program.
After completing all the work on setting up the operating system "for themselves", make a restore point using the utility System Restore.Later, when a failure in loading the operating system, you can easily restore the current status of a few minutes.
Doing these simple steps will greatly facilitate your work on the computer, as well as accelerate the process of acclimatization to the new environment after the reinstall the system.You can copy the complete image of a customized system for the same purpose, using Acronis.It can be found on the official website of the company acronis.ru.

Tip 2: How to choose the operating system

By choice operating system (OS) should be approached responsibly, because in many respects depends on it, how comfortable will work on computer.Choosing the right OS will allow to realize the full potential of your computer and use all of its resources.Also, the choice of operating system depends on which programs you can install on your computer.
How to make a choice of operating system
you need
  • Computer
Making choice of operating system is based on the objectives of the user and the configuration PC.To date, the most popular operating systems - Windows XP and Windows 7. There is also Windows Vista, but it was not able to displace Windows XP.Especially Windows 7, - is, in fact, modified Vista.
First of all, abstracted from the power of your computer.If you have a computer of average power with a small amount of RAM, you should pay attention on Windows XP.This operating system is not so much demanding on hardware resources compared to Windows 7. If you have the amount of RAM is less than 2 gigabytes, the preference is to give in Windows XP.It is on this operating system you will be able to work comfortably.
Also, if you play video games, please note that on Windows XP, with an average power of the PC game will work much better, and Windows 7 can inhibit or do not run.Of course, Windows 7 delivers advanced technology in video games, such as DirectX 11, but really feel them only on a powerful PC with the latest graphics cards that support this technology.
If you have a powerful computer with at least two gigabytes of RAM, and at least to the average dual-core processor, the best option is to install Windows 7. This is the new operating system that supports all the latest technology and has a beautiful interface.Despite the fact that Windows XP is still popular and demanded operating system, the future of Windows 7. All modern program was written by the operating system.In addition, holders of the new cards could fully enjoy the high-quality graphics in video games.
Helpful Hint
There are different variations of Windows 7. For home use a good option would be Home Premium.

If you have a laptop, be aware that the battery life on Windows 7 may be less than with Windows XP.


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