Most users of personal computers installed on your computer Windows, using the disc.In that case, if the user has no CD-drive, this procedure becomes a real problem.The same goes for users of netbooks, because they do not have a disc drive.Of course, you can install Windows without a drive, but the process will take longer.

Install Windows from USB-drive

In the event that the disc drive is broken or missing, then install Windows on a computer, you can either via flash media, or by using the hard disk for installation.The first option, as the name implies, involves the use of flash drive to install Windows on a computer.To do this, you need to download and unzip WinToFlash it to any temporary location.Next, you must run the installer program and follow the instructions.

stick to create the installation, you must use a di
sk image with Windows, or have The installation CD Windows.The program itself WinToFlash will ask the user to specify the path to the file from Windows, and then automatically copy all the necessary files on a flash drive, which can be used to install the operating system.To launch a flash drive, you must change the startup options in the BIOS.It is necessary to choose a way to download HDD, LAN, USB.

Installation using hard disk

process of installing Windows using the hard drive a little harder, because you first need to prepare the hard drive itself and copy it with all necessary information.To install Windows, using this method, you need to connect your hard drive to a computer with a working drive to drive.You can then run the Hiren's Boot CD, which works with partitions.It is necessary to remove the old partition to the hard disk and create a new one (or several new).

Next, you need to login using the command line, in which the command is input format c: / q / s.This command will format the hard drive.Then you can begin to copy files, installs the operating system Windows.In this case, you want to copy all directories and files that perform the installation.After that, the hard drive is connected to a computer with no drive disc, then automatically run the command line.In this line, you enter the command c: /i386/winnt.exe, which starts the process of installing the OS.Then you need to perform all the standard steps for installing the operating system.