you need
  • PC
First we need to install new hardware on a fresh copy of the operating system.It is important that the new version and the version of the Portable Operating System same.Also, the letter should be the same disk partition and the path to the system folders.Next, you need to disable all services that are not necessary for backup.
Run the "Ntbackup".This command creates a copy of a computer disk .Now you need to return again to a new PC and run "Ntbackup".In the settings you need to enable "Always replace the file on my computer".After done actions run System Restore from a backup after selecting the function "Orig
inal location".When the system is fully restored, you must reboot your computer.If it works on the network, you must shut down in order to avoid conflicts.
If the restored system does not work as it is often due to a mismatch HAL, you must restore it using the license distribution.Boot the PC from the CD distribution Windows.First, you are asked whether you want to install Windows.Respond positively to continue the operation.After that, you will be offered to read the License Agreement.
Upon acceptance of the system will check for previously installed versions of Windows, and if that is found, it will prompt you to repair or install a fresh copy.Since you are interested in the repair, you must press the "R".During repairs, the system resets the HAL, making conversion of iron and updates the folder "% SystemRoot% Repair" in accordance with the new values.In general, at a certain level of training and a certain concentration, restore system is not difficult.