If AHCI is disabled at the motherboard, during installation you will be notified.Despite the fact that the motherboard manufacturer has disabled this feature in the BIOS, you can produce its inclusion in Windows 7 by editing the appropriate parameters in the registry.
Open the Registry Editor system, causing "Start" menu, and type Regedit in line to search for programs.You can also find Regedit in the system folder of Windows.To do this, go to "Start" - "Computer" - "Local Disk C:┬╗.In the list of folders, select Windows - regedit32.exe.
In the window that appears you will see a list of directories registry system.For the determination of the parameter AHCI in the system complies
with the relevant tree branch records.Click on the item HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.In the same way the dropped list, go to SYSTEM - CurrentControlSet - services - msahci.
clicking on the last line in the right part of the window you will see a list of options available for editing.Right click on the Start button and press the key "Change".
In the "Value" enter 0, and then click "OK" to apply the changes.Now you can close the Registry Editor.To apply the cavity changes, restart the computer and go to edit the BIOS, pressing the corresponding key to call up this menu at the beginning of the download.BIOS can be caused by a variety of keys, the name of which is indicated in the bottom of the window when you start your computer.
Go to AHCI or activate the support function by selecting ON in the proposed list.Press F10 to exit and enter at the keyboard YES to save the changes you made.
Wait for the system and automatically install the drivers AHCI.Then restart your computer again.Enabling AHCI completed.