you need
  • computer disk with the operating system Windows
Turn on the computer and install the optical drive disk with Windows (the same drive from which you installed the operatingsystem).Restart the computer.Immediately after you have pressed the reset button continuously press the keyboard F5 (alternatively, depending on the model of the motherboard, can act key F8 or F12).This will take you to the menu where you can select a device system startup.Choose your optical drive (CD / DVD) and press Enter.After the drive spin up, press any key on the keyboard.
installation program will start to gather inform
ation about your computer.During this process, do not press.Wait until the computer screen appears in a dialog box, and then press R. again wait in the window you will not see the name of the operating system installed on this computer.Then press "1", and then press Enter.In the next window you have to enter an administrator's name and password.If you have not changed your password (or no set), leave these lines intact.Double press Enter.
In the next window you will type the commands that can be used to restore Windows.Enter the command chkdsk / r.Winchester is scanned for errors and if there are, they will be automatically eliminated.
If the previous command does not help to restore the operating system, type Fixmbr.The boot sector will be completely overwritten.This should completely eliminate all errors.
With the help of some of the teams to recover the operating system depends on the cause of failure of Windows.Once the error is corrected, the operating system should start normally.Reinstall the driver, and the program is not required.