To change the folder icon, click it right mouse button, select "Properties", then "Settings".Click the "Change Icon" and select the desired icon.Click "OK" to save the selection.You can always restore the default icon by selecting the "Restore Defaults".
the manner described above, you can change the icons of specific folders, but if you need to change the icons of all folders, you can not do without the use of special programs.For example, IconPackager.The size is about 43 megabytes, you can find it on the network and install.IconPackager allows you to change as individual icons in the system, and the entire package of icons, replacing it with another.
Change Folder Icons in
Windows XP, you can use the program Stylexp.Unlike IconPackager, it allows you to change not only the icons but also many other elements of your theme.
If you need to change one or more icons at once in the entire system, use the program Restorator 2007. Icons of folders stored in the file% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ SHELL32.dll.Make a backup copy of this file and edit the data stored in the original file icons using Restorator.
If, after editing the file, and reboot have any problems, replace it with the backup.The operating system will not allow you to replace the file, so do it by booting into Safe Mode (press F8 during startup and select boot into safe mode).If you have two operating systems installed, you can boot from the second, and change the file shell32.dll in the first.
Remember that self-change icons using different programs can lead to a malfunction of the computer and other problems.If you are not satisfied with the design of the operating system installed in the network look ready updated topics.On sites with such topics, there are detailed instructions on how to install them.