you need
  • - computer;
  • - internet;
  • - software.
originally Connect to a remote computer that is going to work.This can be done through the standard procedure laid down in Windows, which is called "Connect to Remote Desktop."It is necessary that at the right computer remote connections have been set up at the reception.If these conditions are met, enter your login and password for your PC.
Click on the button "Options" to use the advanced settings for the connection.This will connect remotely.
Select the "General" tab, which is located on the left side.Then, enter the user name in the row with the name "User".This is to ensure that the remote computer to identify you when you connect.Keep then your chosen settings, to later be able to repeatedly connect t
o this computer.This function is available in "Connection Settings."
Start the desired program on a remote computer .This can be done in two ways.
tab "Programs" and then in the right menu, tick this box and then enter the path to the working directory and the program itself.Open the "Advanced" tab to select the speed of the connection to the remote computer.You can also enable or disable some advanced features.Make sure the tab "Connection" to gain access to the target computer and make additional configuration connection.
connect to a remote computer, the second method, using program TeamViewer.Perform the installation by answering the questions she will ask.On the remote computer TeamViewer must be installed.When the user of the remote PC will give you access, enter the password and ID, and then start the desired program .