The easiest way to change the set used by the operating system icons - Change "theme."It includes not only the shortcuts to the desktop and Explorer, but wallpaper, screensaver, window decoration program, a set of sounds.To choose a different theme for Windows 7 is a component "Personalization" - start it with the point of the same name in the menu that appears by right-clicking on the desktop background picture.
Select one of the topics in the right pane of the window that opens.Left-click on the icon theme will immediately initiate
a change of the entire design, no buttons are pressed, or responses to inquiries confirm this version of the OS is not provided.
If your computer has an older version of Windows (for example, Windows XP), it is necessary to change the theme to carry out anyway.After right-clicking on the desktop background, choose a line from the shortcut menu "Properties".In the component of the OS will be a separate tab called "Themes", but that the list of available design options placed in the drop-down list - open it and select the desired line.Then click the OK button or "Apply", only then the system will change its graphics, including icons.
icons can not change everything at once, but selectively.To do this, first you need to prepare yourself with the new labels design - sets them in large quantities can be found on the Internet.After you download and unpack anywhere all the necessary icons, you can start to replace.To do this, click the selected shortcut, right-click and use the "Properties" from the context menu.This will display the Properties window, open the tab "Shortcut" - click the "Change Icon" in the lower part.
In the window icons will have several options if the label belongs to, for example, an executable file.You can either choose one of them, or click "Browse" and indicate some of the options you have prepared a replacement.Then ponazhimayte the OK button in the windows open and proceed to change the label of the next object.