There are several different ways to restart the operating system.Each of these methods is used in various situations, such as when the computer stops responding to user requests.

standard way to restart

In that case, if the computer is working properly, and the operating system is not hung, then the user can use the standard way to restart the OS.In various versions of operating systems, restart the procedure may be different, but the principle is in any case will be the same.To restart the user will need to go to the "Start" menu, and in the lower part of the search for the item "off".When you click to open a special pop-up menu where you can select one of the presented modes, namely the "Standby", "Shutdown" or "Restart".Accordingly, in order to restart the operating system you want to select "Restart."In Windows 7 and Windows Vista fo
r restart is required to click on a little arrow that is located next to "Shut Down."

Restart with the "Task ManagerĀ»

Another way to restart the operating system can be used when it freezes and stops responding to any user queries.This can be done using the "Task Manager."It opens with the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del.Here the user can view all active tasks, and if you find and disable a task that has the status of "Not Responding", then it will be possible to close and eliminate the need to reboot.If you restart the operating system is still necessary, then the top of the "Task Manager", you can find the item "Shut down", and in the context menu that appears, click on "reset".

radical way

There is another way, but it is desirable to use only when the system stops responding completely and return to a normal state can not do it.For this purpose, stationary PCs a button Reset, which is located directly on the system unit and is usually located next to the power button.For laptops this is the case, but its replacement is the same button, which simply need to be held for several seconds.It is worth noting, in this case all the information that has not been saved will be lost completely.